Why your restaurant's POS should integrate with labor scheduling tools

By 1.9 min readPublished On: June 19, 2019

The point-of-sale system at your restaurant is the nucleus of your business. When POS systems first started they were solely used to take orders, and take payments, but today your POS can integrate with various apps, offering so much more that can enable your business to run smoother and more efficiently.
Integrating with a labor tools app on your POS allows you to communicate with your staff on scheduling the way they want to hear from you most, via their mobile phone.  It will help reduce a managers time creating, communicating and managing the work schedules of all employees. Thus creating more time for your manager to spend elsewhere in the business.
Today we look at the benefits of the integration with a labor tools app.

Easily enhance your employee communication with mobile messaging features. Managers can quickly approve shift swops and requests from anywhere and send out all-staff announcements via email, text, and push notification.
Online work scheduling apps help you create work schedules quicker, and reduces scheduling errors all with the touch of a button right from your hand held device.
You can build custom shift templates and create schedules with one-click , publish, and then instantly send your employees. All staff requests and shift swops are available instantly.
Thorough reporting will help owners and managers gage sales and labor budgets. When scheduling  staff you will receive overtime alerts if someone is projected to hit overtime and how much it’s going to cost you. You can use your POS sales and labor data to help accurately predict future schedules.
With real-time sales and labor data plotted directly into your schedules you can build schedules that are linked directly to your labor targets. Employees can also only clock in when they are scheduled to work reducing time clock theft.

So, in conclusion there is no more last-minute calls to the store and no more hard-to-manage spreadsheets. All your scheduling can be done quickly and effectively when integrating with a labor tool app.

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