5 modern technologies your restaurant POS needs to have for quick service & fast casual restaurants

By 3.6 min readPublished On: June 14, 2019

Today there is no reason why your restaurant should not be making use of the technology that is on offer today. Technology has altered the way we live, and how we work so it’s no different when it comes to how it effects quick service and fast casual chains operate today. Visiting a restaurant and standing in line for long lengths of time are all a thing of the past. Guests are demanding, and impatient and want to see you are offering them quick conveinent options to order via mobile, self service, and delivery. At the same time you as the restaurant owner need to improve your operations by utilizing the technology on offer like cloud services for your business to run smoother.
POS systems play a critical role in the operation of your business by integrating and managing complex technology eco-systems, allowing restaurants to stay competitive. We have listed below the 5 factors the modern POS system needs to integrate with in today’s fast casual and quick service restaurant.
As a result of the growing usage of mobile devices, the phone has become a convienent, instanteous way for consumers to access information and place orders immediately-literally having the world at there fingertips. If we look at it from a restaurants view, guests want to place online orders, and be rewarded for being loyal. Enabling a digital platform at your restaurant is no longer a plus, it’s a necessity.
If fast food wasn’t convenient enough, it’s about to get a lot more convenient. Order ahead has already been implemented in a number of businesses, like Starbucks and Chipotle, with fast food chains like McDonalds rolling out mobile for specific locations.
The world we live in today is fast paced, and the growth in technology has made it that way. Customers are often impatient now because of this, and if the line is long they may leave to another establishment. It is supposed to be quick service after all. This makes reducing lines critical to maximizing guest satisfaction and increasing repeat visits.  The installation of self-service kiosks in restaurants is one way to minimize line length.
In a recent survey, the NRA determined that 3 out of 5 consumers in 2017 ordered delivery or takeout at least once per week. Think about it, how often are you ordering in? I think I’m at at least 2x a week. The best way for consumers to place an order is through an app that offers multiple choices of cuisine. This has led to a rise in third-party vendors, thereby increasing the number of delivery services each chain needs to partner with. For restaurants to capitalize on the delivery opportunity in the market, they need to optimize delivery partner integrations and minimize operational complexities.
When you want to grow your business from a single shop to multiple locations instantly you think of the increase the time and effort it takes to manage a chain. However, cloud based services can minimize the amount of work it takes to manage multiple stores. With cloud restaurants can centrally managing all of their locations. When you see a need to make a change, save on your time because you don’t need to go into a location to execute it, you can do it all from where you are at the moment as long as your connected. Moving to a cloud-based system can also improve security by incorporating encryption protocols and eliminating the risk of a security breach. Just remember that it is important to ensure that you gain all of the benefits of the cloud without becoming so dependent on the network that you are unable to stay up and running when your network is offline.
The world we live in is ever changing, and so is the technology. Staying up to date on where the industry is going and implementing the operations at your establishment to be competitive in the market are key. Find out how PointOS can help you reach these goals.
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