Bars & Nightclubs

PointOS offers the custom features bars and nightclubs need to optimize service and efficiency.

bar and nightclub POS software

Bar And Nightclub POS Software

PointOS offers the custom features bars and nightclubs need to optimize service and efficiency.

Optimized order


Secure payment

bar and nightclub POS software

Optimized order entry

  • Bar mode
    PointOS is speed optimized for fast order entry. Bar mode offers even faster order entry functions for busy bars, including easy quantity controls and quick drink modifiers.

  • Tabs management
    PointOS offers flexible tab management features for easy modifications. Servers and bartenders can easily split checks and transfer checks to different guests and tables.

Customizable settings

  • Happy hour and special pricing
    Configure custom happy hour menus and pricing via myPointOS. Easily set applicable days, times, and items for simplified management of specials and happy hour pricing.

  • Room management
    The PointOS room builder enables you to easily build rooms with unique settings and menus. Drag and drop to design custom floor plans, then control settings globally by room or by specific table.

  • VIP & table services
    PointOS supports VIP and table services with custom table minimums, preauthorization, and menu settings. Build VIP rooms and tables with room or table specific settings.

bar and nightclub POS software
bar and nightclub POS software

Secure payment processing

  • Preauthorization
    Securely store cards without needing to hold onto them – PointOS securely stores card information so there is no need to hold onto physical cards behind the counter.
  • Secure mobile payments
    Securely accept mobile orders and payments. Enable QR-checks for easy scan and self-pay functionality, freeing up servers and bartenders.
  • Offline capabilities
    No internet, no problem. With PointOS you don’t need to worry if your internet goes down. Store and forward allows you to securely accept payments offline, and restaurant data is automatically saved locally until reconnected.

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