The PointOS Platform

PointOS is an all-inclusive restaurant management platform designed to help restaurants operate more efficiently and profitably. PointOS provides POS, payment processing, online ordering, reporting analytics, and the restaurant management features you need to run your business efficiently. Our competitive monthly pay options and ultra-competitive processing rates make PointOS the most cost-effective and complete restaurant solution.

The most cost-effective and all-inclusive restaurant management platform.

PointOS was created by industry experts with the unique challenges faced by bars, clubs, and restaurants in mind. Our software addresses these unique needs to help keep your business running smoothly. From optimized order entry to complete employee management and reporting analytics, our software has you covered.

Optimized Order Entry

At the core of PointOS is a speed optimized and user-friendly POS system that supports customizable order entry functions:

  • Multi-server mode

  • Easy item modifications

  • Split check/item options

  • Live inventory

Payment processing

PointOS Payments offers flexible processing options so you can choose the pricing structure that makes the most sense for you and your business.

  • Low flat-rate processing

  • Competitive interchange-plus processing

  • Free rate consultations

Online ordering

PointOS To Go is a complete and fully integrated online ordering suite available to PointOS users at no additional cost. PointOS To Go enables your customers to order direct from your own hosted website so that you can cut out expensive third parties.

  • Delivery and takeout options

  • No additional fees or commissions

  • Optimized desktop and mobile webapp

  • Live order tracking and reorder features

Contactless ordering

PointOS To Go supports contactless ordering options to suit the needs of your business and customers. Enable QR-codes to:

  • Link to digital menu

  • Support contactless ordering and checkout via PointOS To Go

  • Print on customer checks for digital self-checkout

  • Pay electronically by scanning the QR-code

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