5 Ways To Incorporate The Craft Beer Trend In Your Restaurant

By 2.6 min readPublished On: June 21, 2019

Are you aware that beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage in the United States? With that many people drinking beer, it’s important for your restaurant to keep up with the latest industry trends.
Beer is the new wine, with more selections and breweries available then ever before beer has surpassed being just something to chug on game day. With the craft beer market on the rise the beer drinker is becoming more sophisticated and trendy so you better have your restaurant take advantage of this.
Below you will find the best ways to leverage this trend with your restaurant.

Carefully Select Your Beer List

The craft beer trend is overpopulated with too many options on the market today. A real beer enthusiast will appreciate an eatery with a smaller, more carefully selected beer menu. A collection of small-batch standards with a rotation of seasonal favorites will go a lot further to win over beer lovers than a list that’s overwhelmingly long.

Keep it Local

Local is everything right now, so why would it be any different for beer? Check your local market first, before partnering with distant breweries. Providing a selection of local brews will help to bring more customers interested in experiencing your town or city and whats on offer leaving a tasteful impact. With competition heating up in the craft beer market, breweries may be more than happy to secure an exclusive distribution channel at your eatery.

Mix it up with Seasonal Selections

Knowing what to carry during the seasonal months is key. We suggest you feature a handful of seasonal beers that you rotate throughout the year. For the cold winter nights choose dark beers or lagers and for those hot summer days think lighter straw gold colour beers with fruity flavors, like IPAs, or more Belgium/German wheat beers. There’s nothing better than a cold beer on a hot day!

Curate a Tasting Menu

With more and more flavors and varieties to choose from, sometimes it’s hard to try everything—unless you’re willing to suffer for it the next day. That’s the thinking behind beer flights, a sort of wine tasting for the beer-drinking crowd. Create a flight menu featuring a smaller pour of some of your most popular beers, and include a selection of appetizers to match each flavor profile. Some food experts have even suggested that beer makes a better pairing for cheese than wine, so a well-curated cheese plate might be a real winner here.

Keep up with the bestsellers

There’s one reliable way to keep tabs on your customers’ beer tastes- just track the data. With a modern restaurant POS system like PointOS, you can track beer sales over time to see which beers customers like best. Leverage these sales reports to see what is working and whats not. The customer says it all, so they don’t like it, move it off the shelf.
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