A point of sale that works for Pizzeria's too

By 2.9 min readPublished On: May 1, 2019

You’re in the market for a point of sale system that works for your pizza place. You have started doing research by comparing options online with features and product reviews. Your worst case scenario would be that you spend a lot of time and money on a system that neither your employees or your customers enjoy, because it is not suitable for your specific business.
One size fits all with POS is not always the case, your business is unique and has it’s own needs. You need a system that has delivery options, can offer coupons, and allows for special requests like half-and-half pies. PointOS is a system that can give you exactly what you need for your business with its customizable ordering options.
We’ve helped to put together some questions you should ask before you jump the gun and end up purchasing the wrong POS for your pizza shop.
1. Can I customize what prints where and by item and by station? Will my drinks go to the bar and my food go to the kitchen?
There is nothing worse then frustrated staff.  Your POS should help your staff to operate more efficiently therefore generating more sales for your business. A system like PointOS will effectively print the right orders to the right stations allowing your staff to operate with no hiccups.
2. Do my online orders integrate through my POS?
We know that pizza restaurants take a huge amount of orders via phone and online. You want to be able to easily manage your orders, and modify them as needed should they call to give you an extra item to add to there order and track the oder. If your ordering system isn’t integrated with your POS you could end up with less repeat customers because it becomes more of a hassle to place there food order with you.
3. Can I customize speciality and half and half pizza requests with POS? 
With the tap of a button your meat lovers and vegetarians should be able to share a pizza . A system like PointOS allows for easy access to modifiers and custom orders for your guests.
4. Can I track my inventory and COGS? 
The more complicated the pizza, the more ingredients involved. You need to be exact so you aren’t loosing money. Your POS should automatically track all the ingredients through your processed orders. You can go the extra mile like PointOS and even get notifications on when you need to re-order as stock is getting low.
5. Do you support marketing like coupons that reflect my specials or loyalty programs that incentivise my customers ?
No matter what type of marketing strategy you have the POS should adapt. You should be able to customize your coupons and specials, as well as managing your loyalty programs.
6. Is all credit card info safe and secure?
A responsible POS vendor will not sell you a system without encrypted card readers, you don’t want credit card data stored on you system-rather make sure they storing tokens obtained from your credit company.
Taking the time to research the right POS is overwhelming-we get it, especially with all the options available today. Make sure you start by asking the right questions so you can avoid loosing money for your business.
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