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By 3.3 min readPublished On: April 25, 2019

You want to start targeting new customers, and increase the hype around your establishment. This can be very difficult, it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks. You’ve heard good, and bad about adding an element of entertainment to your restaurant. Like anything new you need to make sure you stay true to your business’s identity.
It’s always a risk to try something new, especially when adding entertainment. You need to make sure you find the kind of entertainment that would best suit your establishment. You can start by asking existing customers what they would like to see, or even sending e-mail surveys to your loyalty customers through your point-of-sale system.
There are many advantages to hosting entertainment – it will attract new customers in the area that might not have shown interest in you before, it enhances the service and atmosphere that you give to the customers and can serve as a great distraction when waiting for orders to arrive from the kitchen. However you need to remember that the key is to gain new customers, by keeping your old ones.
Now that we’ve given you some insights on entertainment, we have put together a shortlist of examples and options you could adapt to suit your establishment.
Hold a Craft Beer Tasting
The growing popularity of craft beers makes it an easy choice to try this out for your business. You will attract people with a real interest for craft beer and, if your food is good, there’s no reason why they won’t return to have the same experience again.
Showcase a Local Artist
Showcasing a local artist demonstrates an investment in your local community. You could place the pieces throughout your space. Take down the usual decor and let artists exhibit their creations – the artists will be exposed to potential buyers and you could be exposed to potential customers.
Hire a Musician
Hiring a musician, whether it’s a pianist playing in a 5 star establishment or a band playing in a cocktail lounge is a great way to bring in new customers and to keep customers happy. In fact, playing the right music at the right time in a restaurant can enhance customers’ moods and positively alter their buying behaviors.  Today’s restaurant goers are looking for more than just food to eat. They want an experience.  Plus, the musicians will bring along their fans, and if you keep them happy they will be back.
Host a Wine and  Food pairing
If craft beer doesn’t quite fit with the atmosphere of your restaurant, a wine and food pairing is another great option. Food and wine pairings allow chefs and sommeliers to pair individual dishes with different wines in hopes of enhancing the flavor of both the food and the beverage. You can invite your patrons to sit down for a several-course meal. Each course would include an expertly crafted food and wine pairing aimed at improving atmosphere and pleasing the palate. Creating a dining experience that they will remember, recommend and surely return to experience again.
Add Vintage Arcade Games
Vintage arcade games are a fav to the millennials and they make up a major part of any business’ demographic this day and age. If you have the space, consider adding a retro Pacman machine or vintage paintball game near the bar. Not only will this provide entertainment to guests as they wait for their meal, it will also encourage them to stay and keep ordering drink so that they can keep playing.
Remember, you need to have a good understanding of your establishment’s identity before you go throwing a loud band into a fine dining establishment. Be sure you understand your community, and your business before diving into just any entertainment.
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