The ultimate bar tab management

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The nightlife industry is super competitive, and success isn’t just defined by high sales and large crowds.  To be considered one of the next hottest venues in your city you need to provide exceptional customer service.  So its imperative you have a bar POS system that fits flawlessly into that experience.
With so many bars and clubs to choose from in most major cities it can be difficult to catch a break. Choosing the best bar management software can help owners and operators increase profits and help recognize both their business and their customers needs. The right POS system for bars can also assist staff to provide top-notch service that satisfies customers and ensures that your business always remains one step ahead.
If you’re on the prowl for a new point of sale system for your bar or nightclub  below are 5 go-to features a bar POS must-have.

Tailor made
You need a simple system that is dummy proof, designed to handle heavy volumes, and makes it easy to mix up every type of drink concoction your guests heart’s desire. The key word here is customization. It shouldn’t be too difficult to order a margarita with vodka instead of tequila, orange juice instead of sour mix, and an orange slice instead of a lime.  Remember the customer gets what the customer wants.
Can we split the check?
The most tantalizing request a customer asks, is when they ask to split the check.  You’re super busy and dealing with several people and need to remember whose ordered what.  Or what about the customer who is waiting at the bar for their table and forgets to close out? It’s really annoying and takes time, and time is money.
Get a POS system where moving checks from the bar to a table and splitting the check is never going to be a problem. More often then not the request to split a check happens, and with the right technology this process can be painless for everyone involved.
Tips please!
When minimum wage is $2.63/hr for most bartenders and wait-staff they rely on tips to make it worth there while.  Your employees will love this feature of giving suggested tip percentages, mostly a tip for those out of towner’s from somewhere in Europe who think they don’t have to tip.
Cha Ching
In addition to helping owners and operators detect theft through detailed sales and inventory reporting, some bar POS system solutions also offer cash drawer management to further protect against employee theft. These systems offer functionality like the ability to track multiple cash drawers separately, the option to tie specific cash drawers to individual employees, and even blind closeout capabilities.
Blind closeout requires employees to reconcile cash at the end of their shift without notifying them of the exact amount that they are expected to return. The blind closeout feature makes close-of-day tasks far less time-consuming for managers while also providing employee accountability and financial security.

Lost liquor 
Liquor costs are typically 18-20% of total liquor sales. The more you can improve your liquor cost percentage, the more money in your pocket.
With real-time restaurant inventory software, you can track your food inventory, suppliers, units, and prices on your computer, phone, or tablet so you know what to reorder and when, without having to spend late hours updating a spreadsheet.
Inventory tracking in a bar has its own benefits – mostly, catching theft and occasions where your bartenders are pouring one out for their friends for free. Inventory discrepancy reports compare your actual inventory to your theoretical inventory so you can identify where your variances are— waste, over pouring, or theft — and start improving processes and training.
There is always so much going on, so things can easily fall through the cracks. An optimized POS system for bars will help simplify operations, get to know your customers, and enable your staff to offer the best possible service to all of your customers.
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