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By 3 min readPublished On: December 30, 2017

The use of tablets for POS is in the restaurant industry is becoming increasingly popular.  Operators are using their tablet-based point of sale systems in a variety of applications from order-taking to payment acceptance.  Having a tablet enables you to bring the POS straight to the customer, which not only speeds up service and creates convenience, but also offers higher potential sales, lower costs, and new opportunities for customer engagement.
Tablet POS systems offer many advantages to restaurants of all types. They provide you with the ability to operate more efficiently and provide outstanding customer service, all at a price point that is usually less than traditional POS systems.
There are many advantages for your restaurant to opt for a tablet-based POS, including:

  1. Mobilize your staff: Providing your servers with tablet POS technology streamlines multiple elements of service and can increase service speed by:
    1. Avoiding delays that staff experience when waiting to enter orders at a stationary POS terminal by allowing them to take and enter orders table side.
    2. Streamlining food preparation by sending orders directly from the tablet to the kitchen.
    3. In QSR establishments, reducing customer wait times with line-busting functionality.
  2. More Options, More Money: Restaurants can generate new revenue streams by adding outdoor seating or offsite selling at markets or events. Staff can be empowered to engage customers at their point of decision, and then to complete the sale right on the floor or at table side.
  3. In the Clouds:  Because tablet POS software lives in the cloud, all the mission-critical data you need to control your business — from sales and inventory information to detailed financials — remains at your fingertips from wherever there is an internet connection. You can compile and customize data over specific time frames and for multiple locations, then manipulate it to reveal important statistics — so it’s easier than ever before to run an efficient enterprise.
  4. Lower Costs, more money in your pocket: A tablet feature can be deployed with a lower initial investment than traditional POS systems, both in terms of hardware costs and software license fees. Therefore reducing your overhead costs and improving your ROI.
  5. Safe & Secure: With identity theft and credit card fraud appearing in the media just about every day, your customers probably cannot help but wonder whether they should hand their credit cards to servers and allow them to take it to an out-of-sight POS terminal to process their payments. With a restaurant tablet POS system, this is not a concern. Servers can process transactions right at the table, in plain view of customers. The end result is a higher level of customer trust in the payment security at your restaurant, and, in turn, an increased potential for repeat business.

Whether you are a new company or a long-established operation, tablet POS solutions offer numerous benefits. They can speed up service, increase sales, and create multiple opportunities for engagement both during the meal and after customers have gone home. They offer lower initial and ongoing costs than traditional POS systems, and can be integral elements in today’s cutting-edge marketing and management capabilities.
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