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By 3 min readPublished On: November 9, 2017

For years now, Instagram has sat at the center of style in food and beverages. So why is being Instagrammable a new trend? Businesses are recognizing that it’s not just the presentation of their food and drinks that attracts a new breed of customer, but their entire layout and ambiance too.  So, when it comes to interior design, restaurants are courting a new breed of customer; The Instagrammer.  Social media is putting pressure on owners and designers to think more about the surroundings of their space, focusing on what’s visually appealing and stimulating so it can appear on countless numbers of Instagram feeds.  Everything from food presentations to locations and views; smaller features like wall hangings and floorboards to disposable cups; wallpaper to lighting fixtures. There is no detail is too small. Social media content is an extension of the business’s physical space.  People can get a feel for what your restaurant is like from seeing your posts, and also from your customers’ posts about your place.
So we’ve put together some ideas on how you can make your restaurant Instagrammable, with hopes of inspiring the maximum number of photo exposure.
First, you need to make sure your space is attractive.  Before the era of social media, design would be focused on the spaces effect on its occupants, and how it looked in photos was possibly a secondary concern.  These days, that secondary concern should be the main focus. Put time and effort into making your space look like somewhere special, unique and most importantly, photo-worthy.  This LA restaurant, Herringbone, doesn’t lack on detail, and has a rustic greenhouse feel. Remember: people will come visit because they will want to have that photo for their Instagram.
You must design your space around share-ability, so don’t forget the exterior! Murals are big, bold and can become a key focal point and social media identifier of your space. Take a look how this hot new Mexican restaurant in LA, Tintorera, utilizes their exterior wall to focus on their hashtag #itsamexicanthing, which has more than 16,000 posts.

Lastly, presentation is everything. Lots of restaurants these days have unique items that have customers whipping out their phones to take a pic and share it with their friends. The most Instagrammable restaurant in America at the moment is Sugar Factory in New York City.  Sugar Factory takes the cake when it comes to Instagrammable food and drinks, with a broad range of colorful, and visually stunning items to choose from on its menu.  This real-life Candy Land restaurant uses the “wow” factor to draw in its clientele from all over the world, which includes celebrities like Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom and Pharrell Williams, to name a few.
Social media is the way forward in marketing, but whilst designing or re-designing, do not forget to remain cohesive in your brand identity.  Make sure you align with the aesthetic of your brand and don’t give a misleading image of your restaurant.
Now get going and make your restaurant more Instagrammable!
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