5 POS integrations you need now

By 3.5 min readPublished On: October 9, 2019

Restaurant POS software has become a requirement for any business that sells products. Restaurant technology has come a long way in the last decade. With software moving to smaller, more mobile platforms and payments becoming increasingly digital, the POS space has evolved into a business powerhouse.

Your POS system, when setup correctly, can do almost anything your business needs with some limitations, such as large-scale data warehousing or analytics. However more and more, POS systems are offering back-office features and much more.

Although some POS vendors are including these features in their own products, you will find that the focus is more about integrations and partnerships with other software platforms. There are many reasons for this, but most of them are about keeping things simple. Building an integration is typically much easier than creating and testing new features from scratch and can save your company valuable resources.

What are the type of integrations your restaurant needs?

First and foremost it is important to know what your business needs, and that your restaurants needs will differ from that of a retailer. Alot of the integrations can be used for both, however there are several that are industry specific. If your business is using a POS system daily then you should definitely be looking into integrations as it will help streamline your business.

You will need to identify what your specific goals are and what you already have that works. If your current accounting tools work, then focus on adding something else like employee scheduling.

We’ve put together 6 of the hottest integrations to look into for 2019 below:

1. Delivery and Takeout

Ordering food online is the new norm. So if your restaurant doesnt consider an online strategy get started on this asap. The benefits of integrating restaurant delivery/takeout software are numerous.

Online ordering allows restaurants to maintain a consistent view of inventory and sales in real time. The last thing any kitchen needs is to be thrown off its rhythm during service, and orders not placed through your POS system can do just that.

2. Accounting software

Accounting software is the backbone of your business. To survive you need to know what is happening with your money at all times.  Integration with accounting solutions will give you reports on revenue costs, losses and profits in real time, tedious reporting methods are eliminated. It helps put you back in control and see things more clearly.  By implementing a POS system with integrated loss prevention and security features, inventory management stays precise, employee morale is increased and your business can continue to be profitable.

3. Scheduling

It’s not a secret that the restaurant industry is a revolving door for employment. Nothing is more frustrating than mapping out an employee schedule week after week, only to find a server is on the brink of overtime, or had requested off. This industry needs to be flexible since scheduling in restaurants is done in shifts. Help give your employees an easy way to make changes that only involve your finger clicking a button to approve. Employee scheduling tracks hours, schedules and performance.

4. Managing Inventory

Knowing what you have and what you need is crucial for any business. Restaurants need to ensure they have enough stock and ingredients to meet customer demand. Since every transaction is performed using POS software, integrations with inventory control software automatically adjust inventory in real time. This also helps businesses make smart purchasing decisions when it’s time to replenish inventory. Accurate inventory management can greatly improve customer experience. Staff are aware of exactly what stock is available and how much is left.

5. Customer Loyalty

Loyalty management software can play a large part in the success of a retail business or restaurant. Punch cards and point systems are a mainstay of retail and restaurant loyalty strategies. By integrating your loyalty management systems with your POS terminal, points and punches are automatically tracked using the credit card or debit card making the purchase. Taking the pressure off of customers improves the customer experience and makes them more likely to return.

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