4 ways POS reports can help boost your business

By 3.6 min readPublished On: March 12, 2020

Your POS is filled with far too much data to keep track of with just a pen and paper, but that doesn’t mean your valuable data is lost. Your POS records all past transactions and gathers critical sales data, including total orders, tips, taxes, inventory, staff hours, customer info, and anything else that has to do with sales records.

This data is so important because it offers valuable insights that will help you run your business more efficiently. 

What is a POS report?

Point of sale (POS) reports consist of highlighted data collected by a point of sale system. These reports help you better understand critical measures of your business’ success and help you make smarter, more educated business decisions for your restaurant.

We’ve put together a few tips on how these reports can be put to work to help you boost your business.

#1 Manage your staff smarter

Are you scheduling the right number of employees on your busiest days? What about on slow days? Do you know who your top selling waitrons are? And do they work on your highest-traffic days? PointOS reporting tracks sales data to help you determine your busiest days and top-selling employees, so you can plan to have the right people on every day.

#2 Get more personal with your customers

Do you know your customers well enough to know what they eat and drink when they come to your restaurant? Well, your POS does. It will tell you all the data you want to know about your customers’ dining habits so you can start marketing to them directly.

You can customize your mailing list so you send different versions to different customers. Create a focused segment for all your customers that order pizza every time they come in, and send them an email with an offer for the next time they come in.

The segmenting doesn’t stop there. Break it down even further so your customers that come for dinner are targeted specifically for dinner related marketing. Customers who have sought you out and liked you on social media should be communicated with on those social media platforms. This type of reporting helps you paint a picture of who your customers are, what they like, and how to keep bringing them back for more.

#3 What’s your best seller, and what makes you the most money?

These could be the same, but they could be different. The best-selling item isn’t always the most profitable. If they are the same, genius! You can come up with a promotion to get more customers in to eat that delicious and money generating meal.

If they aren’t the same, take a look at the dish as a whole, what can you change to make it more cost effective?

All this and more can come from a click of a button when looking at your reports from PointOS.

#4 Get rid of that wastage

Wastage is a major problem for restaurants. You’re losing money left, right, front, and center. Money gets lost in purchase when items can’t be sold, and there’s even the cost of getting rid of it (remember, time is money).

A great POS will be able to track wastage and illuminate reasons it happened in the first place. Sounds great to me!

What’s even better? A pre-emptive inventory check and careful menu specials. Get in-depth info on your ingredients with stock-on-hand reports. You can then focus on creating specials to use (and profit from) items you have to much of or that you need to use up.

And remember, we’re here to help you make more knowledgeable decisions with PointOS

A restaurant management and point of sale system is the brain of your business.  Your dashboard gives you a quick overview on how your business is doing so you can manage your business from anywhere, in real time. Your detailed analytics provide even deeper insights on your staff, customers, and food for all your locations.

With all this knowledge, you are better prepared to make decisions that will boost your business. Get started today with PointOS.

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