Why is PointOS point of sale for your restaurant?

By 2.9 min readPublished On: April 5, 2018

PointOS is a powerfully efficient, highly intuitive point-of-sale system designed by hospitality professionals to make organization and payment processing easy for managers and employees alike. Its unprecedented ease of installation and use eliminates the need for extensive training or costly setup, while its battle tested, high performance features make it ideal for critical day- to-day operations.
Some notable features include both simple and advanced order entry options, customer management and order maintenance (including sales tracking and incident reports), timed pricing, and even music integration. Many options and features are cleverly interlocked within a simple to understand design that allows anyone to use it.
PointOS offers many security features for both employees and managers, including four- digit access codes and security card options. Despite its ergonomic design, PointOS is also completely secure and reliable.
Order tracking and delivery mapping has never been easier. Using integrated maps, you can determine any location and even find delivery instructions. Delivery orders are even specially marked with a designated icon.
Tax reports and sales receipts, along with careful inventory records can all be stored in our system. With our convenient inventory system, you spend less time punching numbers and you can spend more time taking care of your business and customers.
Employee email and messaging systems are additional features, connected online and to recorded schedules. Employees can be easily notified of important events or notices at the touch of a button.
The customer and tab tracking allows to create custom profiles for each specific customer. This allows the employees to properly and easily identify with certain customers, like regulars that deserve extra attention or special treatment.
PointOS utilizes Cloud Memory technology, meaning you won’t lose important information and it’s all backed up for your convenience.
The Manager’s Dashboard is a unique and specific feature specifically for essential information and common features.
There are multiple comprehensive and simple ways to learn how the system works as well. Check out our many demonstration videos and our customer testimonials to see how much people are loving the system and how it can work for you. The free trial allows you to have a hands-on learning experience with the software that feels rewarding and, more importantly, provides a clear system that allows you to save money.
PointOS is designed to fit a business of any size, from one computer to several network stations. It’s also meant to be easily used by anyone on staff: servers, wait staff, and bartenders.
PointOS can work on any Windows-based computer. We recommend a touch screen, receipt printer, cash drawer, and card processor for integrated card processing. All of those accessories can be purchased on the PointOS site.
These and many more options are available at the touch of a finger. All with an eye-catching and practical visual design made with the user in mind. Compare our offered features with our competitors. Try PointOS systems today for a thirty day free trial of our software.
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