Who are we?

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PointOS is a restaurant management platform designed to help restaurants and bars operate more efficiently and profitably. Our platform provides POS, payment processing, reporting analytics, and deep insights that help the bottom line. Our competitive monthly pay options and ultra-competitive processing rates make PointOS the most cost-effective and complete restaurant management platform out there. Let us show you how PointOS can work for you.


We created this product for you

PointOS is a software development company that has built a “restaurant management platform” providing smooth operations to all aspects of the restaurant ecosystem. We are committed to providing restaurateurs all the tools needed to make their business more profitable. The PointOS platform provides an all in one point of sale system with features ranging from inventory and labor forecasting, to detailed reports and analytics that help you to make the right decisions for your business. Our path to success is tied to the long-term success of our customers and all that is required is subscription to our platform.

We are fully integrated

At PointOS we understand the industry is changing with different software offerings and payment integrations, so we are always evolving to make our services successful for you and your business. Our first and most important priority is providing you an affordable point of sale system that works. Our customers value our brand because they understand the true cost of a POS system and the complications of building and integrating merchant processing along with the complicated agreements that subsidized the upfront costs. Which may end up costing your business 3-5X as much as it should annually. We aren’t here to take advantage of you. Our monthly payment options benefit you and your bottom line, saving you money while you pay over time.

We are competitive

Here at PointOS we are dedicated and strive to help facilitate new technology to the restaurant space. We want more transparency for your business. We provide a consultative approach, which enables our customers to work directly with us when navigating the current landscape and education on the various challenges restaurateurs face. Our commoditization of payments ensures competitive rates unlike any other program on the market. At PointOS we will help you navigate and understand the complex world of POS on all operational functions inclusive of payments, ensuring we meet our original promise, which is to make our customers increase revenue.

We are flexible

PointOS runs on any Microsoft Windows system, including 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10, and is compatible with all industry standard accessories and peripherals.

You can purchase PointOS Point of Sale as software-only, or pair it with one of our recommended hardware packages.