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Checking reports
As a manager or owner of a restaurant you are required to analyze and keep track of a lot of information to keep your business successful. The back-office is your one-stop shop for viewing your business’s performance in great detail. Here you will see how your business is operating by tracking sales, managing inventory, overseeing your staff and much more.
Let us help you save your time by showing you some of the main features PointOS offers in the backend below:
Help keep your finances in order by pulling reports- whether its in real time, or back dated you can find what you need.

  • Open & closing reports
  • Sales reports
    • View sales statistics by till, item or transaction
  • Financial reports
    • Accounting
    • Statistics (i.e by sales, period, rebate cancellation, payment method, product or employee)
    • Export reports direct to excel
    • Auto-emailing of reports
  • Tax reports
  • Payroll reports

Help manage the interaction with your current and potential customers

  • Compiling of customer contacts
  • Send customer newsletter
  • Consumption and tracking of customer transactions
  • Import/export client file
  • Loyalty card management

Management should be able to give users the right access and change things when needed

  • Set up staff with right security and access settings
  • Manage employee scheduling & hours
  • Ease of changing employee rates and hours
  • Employee emails
  • Employee discounts

Stock is money, so you need to make sure your intake and output aren’t costing you money

  • Integrated stock keeping
  • Real-time visibility of your stock
  • Ingredient based calculations
  • Inventory shopping lists
  • Notifications of low stock
  • Par inventory recommendations

Above are just some of the easy-to-use features a PointOS can offer you to help you manage your business better. What are you waiting for?
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