The health food trend, are you in?

By 2.8 min readPublished On: November 21, 2017

Every generation inspires changes in society, and in recent years, it has been the millennials’ turn, who are currently ages 20-36. This chunk of humans makes up the bulk of the working class. It’s no surprise that businesses want to attract the masses, and these days, that’s the millennials.
What does this influential group want?  Well, 70% of those adults, according to the National Restaurant Association , are trying to eat healthier than they did two years ago. They want good, healthy food with nutritional value.  They strive to eat healthier, more eco-friendly foods like cage-free eggs , and they pushed for the labeling of GMO’s on foods.  The millennials have also inspired the farm-to-table restaurant trend, as well as the fresh pre-packaged meal companies that send customers nutritious, fresh ingredients that they can quickly make into a cooked meal.
Restauranteurs are taking notice of this health movement, and are experimenting with adding healthier options. Customers are hard to please these days, so the offerings for both carnivores and herbivores need to be more diverse.  “We are definitely seeing a health movement, not a fad,” says Bonnie Riggs, restaurant industry analyst at the research firm The NPD Group. “Consumers report healthy as the No. 1 characteristic they want to see more of on restaurant menus, and what they mean by that is they’re looking for food that’s real.”
We came up with some quick fix inspirations for succeeding with those healthy food ideas:

No Alcohol, No Problems
If you’re not familiar with the concept, a Mocktail is basically all the fun flavors of a mixed drink without the alcohol. And, believe it or not, less is more; the demand for these mocktails has been steadily increasing.  Come up with some tasty drinks to keep your customers from going parched.

Bowls, Bowls and More Bowls
First there was the acai bowl. Then, there was the poke bowl. But let’s not forget about the power bowl.  These combinations of whole grains, veggies and protein look as good as they taste, all while giving you a strong mix of vitamins, fiber, and nutrients.  Don’t be fooled with adding additives – that’s how the salad got messed up by making them upwards of 1000 calories per serving.

Butcher me this
Who says only eating veggie means eating healthy?  Meat options can be just as healthy, but make sure you pay attention to where your meat is coming from. Today our consumer wants to know how that animal has been living, and what it has been eating.   Try your take on farm-to-table with the “butcher-to-table” trend, which allows customers to be in awe of the preparation of everything from grilled steak to charcuterie.
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