Should your restaurant offer WiFi?

By 3.1 min readPublished On: July 29, 2018

Are you not too sure if there is value in offering free WiFi to your customers? There definitely is, but like anything there are several things you need to consider before you jump the gun. You can’t just plug the router in and let them connect.
Customers today expect your establishment to have free WiFi. However,  if it isn’t set up properly for your guests it can create problems internally. So we’ve put together some helpful insights on how to get your Guest WiFi sorted without effecting your business’s network.
What do millennials who instagram there meals , business people who checking there e-mails, and students working on research papers all have in common? The need for free public WiFi. We know most people have smartphones and tablets with data, but free WiFi allows them access to do more with no costs involved for them.
This can help you get instant reviews, social media coverage, check ins and new customers all because they can access the WiFi.
Something you need to consider is the site access you give your guests. Offering free WiFi is definitely beneficial, but it needs to be done correctly.
The biggest mistake you can do is open your WiFi network to the public. This saves money in the begininng, but makes you an easy target for hacks and data breaches.
For instance, there are many sites you don’t want your guests to view on your free wifi like adult websites, gambling or anything with offensive or obscene content.
It’s super important to filter out access to these types of websites so you can protect your business from malware and ransomware. You definitely don’t want your Point of Sale System to experience a data breach all because of one customer!
So make sure your Guest WiFi is a separate network with separate access controls.
As another safety precaution from security breaching you can set up a password to protect your connection. This way you can limit the access of your internet to your customers only. You can print the access on their bill, or encourage them to ask an employee for the code. Then make sure you change this password frequently.
Feel like being a bit sneaky and getting something in return? You can also prompt customers to sign up for your newsletter, or give a review just to gain access to the internet.
Allowing customers to stream will slow down your band with and you’re internal computers. It sounds like a nice gesture, but you don’t want it to effect how your business operates.
Most internet providers allocate a limited amount of bandwidth and you have to divide that between your internal computers, your POS and your customers.
So make sure you have control on this, allowing only a certain amount for the Guest access leaving your POS the ability to run smoothly and keep your order taking and payment processing fast. Time is money.
WiFi is an easy way to keep up with competitors and show customers that you’re a part of today’s technology driven society.  Just remember to keep  your customer WiFi separate from business WiFi.  A secure, password protected wireless connection with adequate bandwidth speeds could turn your business into a new hangout for customers of all ages.
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