Point of sale and reservations integrations can streamline business in your restaurant

By 2.6 min readPublished On: July 19, 2019

Integrating your POS system with a reservation app doesn’t just make sense, it makes you cents. An integrated restaurant reservation system allows you to keep on top of your bookings and waitlist, all from your POS terminal. There is no point taking all this information down in a reservations book where it is impossible to search, no sales are linked, and customer details are sketchy at best. Integrating your reservation system streamlines both your and your customers’ experience. Their booking is sent directly to your POS system, meaning neither of you are tied up on the phone.

Today’s reservation software can do a lot to help streamline the experience for your guests like the following:

24/7 access to making a reservation: Reservation websites allow customers to book a table whenever they get a craving, even when your restaurant is closed. So you won’t miss out on any bookings.

Changing of reservation details: Without having to phone your establishment a guest can cancel a reservation or change the time in just a few clicks.

Less time spent on the phone: Unless your restaurant calls to confirm reservations, there is no time wasted on phone calls back and forth with the guest. In fact, some software will send automated text messages to remind your guests about there bookings and ask if they want to cancel or keep it.

Less room for communication errors: As long as the guest provides the right information, there is less room for error and you’ll receive accurate information every time.

Did you know if can also help your team better serve your guests too? See three ways below:

1. Enhance Guest Experience

Some reservation apps are super basic, but others allow your staff to view guest names , dietary preferences, and reservation notes making an experience extra special.

2. Streamline services

Now that your guests have arrived an integration  allows for a streamlined process from the moment the party is seated to the second the bill is paid.  From seating to payment and everything between. With the linking to your POS everyone can track the dining experience so you know when the table will turn and be ready for its next paying customers.

With automatic updates sent between the POS, rather than the servers and hosts, staff will be able to focus on guests and cut down on confusing communication during a busy shift.

3. Be prepared

All staff members can access information that can help you better prepare for every shift with enhanced guest insights that are recorded right in your POS terminals. By checking in on the profiles of guests that have reservations at your restaurant, your team will be able to adjust inventory levels accordingly. You’ll be thankful for the extra bottles of champagne you have on hand when that 50th birthday brunch party shows up.

Integrating your POS system with your reservation system saves you time and money, and improves your customers’ experience.

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