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Your point-of-sale system is the central nervous system of your business. It is your key communicator between FOH, BOH and the consumer.  A POS is critical to managing stock, tracking orders, recording customer details, logging hours and numerous other activities that enhance customer service and boost employee performance. Because of this, it is imperative that it is functioning properly. A slow POS can lead to incorrect ordering and delayed services which will result in unsatisfied customers and cut into your bottom line.  Hence, just as an incompetent system slows you down, a precise system will boost your efficiency and increase revenues.
In this digital day and age, the need for working faster and more efficiently as accelerated.  With that said, technology needs to keep up so your POS needs to work faster and be more durable.
So lets take a look at some ways that PointOS can help increase your efficiency.
The need for speed
Instead of writing orders down, or trying to remember what was ordered, you can place your orders at your table with handheld devices. This enables orders to be sent instantly to the kitchen or the bar as soon as its ordered. This also helps managers to monitor ordering and delivery times on the system more accurately.
Employee monitoring
Create and monitor your employee schedules, and time clock using biometric log ins as well as keep track of holidays. You can also easily measure hours worked and identify weak areas in an employees sales or performance which can then be improved
Whats on the menu?
A  point of sale provides you with an informative reports on menu items to show what has been the most and least profitable items for your restaurant. This in return gives you the key to promote the top selling items and boost your sales. When using the inventory section of a POS correctly, the system will also track and deduct from every order made to keep you on top of whats left and when you need to re-order before its sold out.
Report cards
You can easily pull all operational reports off the system to give you a holistic view of the status of your restaurant. Analyzing these reports accurately will help familiarize you with what is going on both operationally and financially and establish which areas need some special attention.
When it comes to getting a system that works for you we have got you covered. PointOS  will be launching soon with new features to help boost your restaurants efficiency so stay tuned!
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