How your POS can increase customer engagement

By 2.8 min readPublished On: August 14, 2018

Human contact will always prove to be important when dealing with customers. However, in today’s high tech world that we live in the way your POS (point-of-sale) system interacts with customers is just as important.
We’ve helped pin point the primary ways a POS like PointOS can be just as beneficial to  customer engagement as the face-to-face interactions you have with them.
Let’s be honest, everyone loves a good deal. Did you know your POS system can help recognize when it’s time to send out a promotion? It can even help to identify the customers that are likely to respond. For instance when you send out customer promotions straight from your POS you can set it up to let you know who uses the “Buy One, Get One” offer that you’ve sent out. Now you know that customer is willing to use your offers, so keep them on your list and send them another similar promotion at a later time. You can also look on your system and see whose cashed in on there “Free Drink” at happy hour, and send them another similar special. You can run as many promotions that you want at once, and cater them to match your customers needs, now that you know what offers make them bite.
Customer Loyalty promotions offer frequent customers incentives to keep revisiting your establishment, give you contacts for your marketing efforts, and help you judge your customer sentiment. A good rewards program is great for analyzing who your most frequent and high-value customers are. Your customer loyalty program can be integrated into your POS. Investing in a rewards program will boost your bottom line because it will increase customer engagement with your brand.
Did you know that 95% of texts are read within three minutes of being sent? Your customers gave you there info because they want to hear from you! Send a text with all the promotions you are running direct from your POS. You can track who opens them straight from your POS too. You can even take it a step further and apply customized vouchers to your customers accounts or profiles to give them a pleasant surprise the next time they come dine with you.
Saving paper has never looked so good. Digital receipts are another example of how your POS can engage with your customers in a potentially rewarding way. As soon as that proof of purchase shows up in a customer’s inbox, you’ve got another opportunity to coax them into coming back with some kind of coupon or promotion, or even direct them to your website for online ordering to use the points they just earned to purchase something else.
Keep track of your customers by pulling data from your POS that shows you whose purchasing what and when. It will easily help you figure out there spending habits at your establishment.
Let PointOS help you keep interacting with your customers even when you don’t get to see their pretty faces.
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