Getting ready for the 4th of July in your restaurant? Well check this out for some ideas

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The 4th of a July is a national holiday and is the time to celebrate freedom & independence in the USA, also known as America’s Birthday.  The cool thing about freedom is it means that you can offer whatever you want to your customers to show your patriotism. Which mean it is another great opportunity for you to capitalize on additional income with the promotion of your restaurant.
Data shows that over 40million Americans will be out celebrating, so we’ve put together some of the coolest ideas to get foot traffic into your restaurant.


1. Place a grill in front of your restaurant
If your restaurant is located in a busy street where will be holiday parade organized it would be stupid to not  set up a small mobile grill to attract the people passing by. Install your grill even a week before the celebration. You can set up it on restaurant parking or in front of your restaurant. Make sure that you are not breaking the law, so check with your local authorities if you need a license to operate in this manner.
2. Take advantage of your view
Does your restaurant have a patio where you can watch the fireworks? If so capitalize on your premium location by upping the ante on your celebration. Host a fun barbecue where all reservations are guaranteed a seat on the patio for the big show.
So remember to make sure you open your doors for great fun while capitalizing on extra profits with those 4th of July restaurant promotions ideas!
3. Get involved in the 4th of July parade
If your unable to host an event be sure to participate in some festivities by joining in on the local 4th of July parade. Even if your restaurant isn’t located near where it’s taking place you can set up a mobile food stall, or drinks cart. Just make sure you talk to your local Chamber of Commerce to find out more about logistics.


1. Beverages
Patriotic drinks are a must when it comes to 4th of July drink ideas. Jello shots are a must as they can easily take shapes of stars and come in the right colors of red white and blue. Not into gelatin? You can serve frozen drinks in color, or just serve them in red white or blue cups. 
1. Food
When it comes to food on the 4th don’t over think it. Simple is best, go for anything grilled from burgers and hot dogs, to chicken or pork. If it can be made on the grill chances are it will be a hit. Remember this is a family holiday so make sure you cater for the little ones.


Catch the eyes of celebrators with Fourth of July décor outside your restaurant.  Set out pots of red flowers in blue pots, hang patriotic bunting, set out buckets of small flags, hang large flags.


People are looking for a good time to celebrate the birth of this great country and all it has to offer. Bring in live entertainment or have a food-eating contest. Feature one of your special items or America’s most popular apple pie and encourage the crowds to gather and cheer on their favorite contender.


When you give things for free, you will definitely draw in the crowds.  Special discounts will always be popular, but in addition to these you can offer free small flags to customers, or a box of sparklers with every take out or delivery order. A free entry cocktail or jello shot will also do- to those who are legal.
Most importantly you need to make sure your restaurant is making it very clear that they will be open for Independence Day.  Be sure to promote it across all of your social media channels. Creating July 4th themed flyers is a fun way to get the word out. You can also use the restaurant reservation website to which your POS integrates with to promote Fourth of July themed specials. Don’t forget about newsletters, or even placing online ads. Be sure to include the specials you will be offering in your promotion.
Don’t forget to make sure to take lots of pictures to use in promoting real-time—people will tag themselves in your Facebook albums—and in promotions for next year’s event.
You get the idea. Let us know if you have any other ideas to throw in the mix.
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