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Congratulations! You’ve finally junked your old cash register or PC-based point of sale in favor of a modern, cloud-based point of sale system for your retail store or restaurant. The reporting features in your POS will always save you hours of admin that you just don’t have time for. So, say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to automation.
Most are full-on business management solutions that not only allow you to accept and track sales, but also report back to you on various aspects of your business—like, for example, which employees and products provide the most value.
Vital reports from your POS system help you track the most important benchmarks—the ones that help you dictate success. Your ability to gather data and to analyze it quickly provides you with the enhanced ability to make more informed business decision. These six reports below will help you get the right data you need to understand your businesses performance.
Sales Report
Sales are definitely the number one for any restaurant owner or manager as they provide you with a a quick estimate of your daily performance. Its use full to run these reports daily, monthly , quarterly and annually to get a good overview of how your business is doing. Remember that some months are better then others depending on the seasons and your location. Sales reports also break down the revenue for you between cash and credit as well as online ordering.
Discounts & Comps
Comp reports can tell you how your servers and kitchen staff are performing. If team members have to comp a lot of meals, you should find out the reason behind it. A high number of comps may indicate that your team needs more training or that workflows aren’t operating at maximum productivity. Or maybe that a recipe or menu item isn’t quite right. Discounts, on the other hand, are useful for measuring the success of your advertising and coupons.
Top Sellers
if you just want to get an idea of what’s doing well reviewing your top-selling items is the way to go. Here you can see which items selling the most—and which can use a little help to push.
Online Orders
Ordering online is key to most restaurant success in these modern times. Analyzing online ordering helps you understand how customers are using your website and whether you need to dedicate more resources to the takeout preparation and processing.
Rewards Reports
Being loyal deserves a reward and we all know that. , especially when you’re talking about your restaurant regulars. Rewards reports provide insight into your rewards program—both when rewards stamps are issued and when they’re redeemed. From that information, you can gauge the success of your program and decide whether you need to implement additional promotions or focus on rewards member signups.
Employee Performance and Staffing Reports
With these reports it’s easy to tell which employees are pulling their weight and who could use a little help. Sales and Tips by Employee reports allow you to analyze employee performance as a measurement of sales. Use this report to track employee efficiency, and to see how many gift cards your team members were able to sell.
Payroll Reports
Remember those time cards employees used to stamp, and you used to have read through and calculate their hours? Well here comes Friday and it’s payday. Modern technology in a POS can compare employee clock-ins vs. scheduled hours, as well as running a timesheet audit to ensure that all time clock edits are the same across the board.
We’ve only just chipped off the ice burg with the variation of reports you can run on your business using a POS. Shape reports to suit your businesses need so you can stop crunching numbers and spend more time on what you enjoy.
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