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By 2.5 min readPublished On: December 12, 2017

Managing a restaurant offers several challenges. One of the most important is how to keep track of the restaurant’s inventory.  However, the management of produce, products and suppliers is not the most popular of tasks. Managing the quick turnover of food, finding the most cost-effective and efficient suppliers, and minimizing waste can be very boring and time-consuming. However tedious it might seem, inventory management is crucial to control food costs and maintain the profitability of any restaurant. There are many downsides to not having a proper inventory management system in place; the most important being that it can negatively affect ROI.  Allow the data captured by a POS do the work for you.
When choosing the right software for your business, make sure that your POS can manage your inventory properly. So don’t cut on the budget here, and be sure to invest in a point of sale (POS) solution that tracks the movement of products throughout the establishment. Using a spreadsheet or manually capturing data is very old school, and also allows for human error, so get with the times and switch to a system that has intuitive capabilities.
Check out these reasons for how a POS can take your inventory management into the 20th century:

  • Measuring inventory in real time as it moves is a critical aspect of lowering food costs.  Remember, the more money your restaurants have tied up in inventory, the harder it is to get a handle on lowering food costs. A lower inventory means lower waste, less spoilage, less theft, lower food costs and most importantly higher profits.


  • Multiple storage locations? No problem. You can link all your systems with consolidated tracking from procurement to consumption. You can view your inventory by storage location, or across all store locations, and move your inventory around as needed.


  • Time is money, so save money by saving time. You can simplify your ordering with system-generated suggested ordering based on average levels, historical consumption patterns, sales forecasts, and on-hand inventory levels.


  • Not at the location or simply forgot to place an order? Well just log on and manage your inventory remotely from where ever you may be with a cloud-based POS system.


  • Tired of all the admin with ordering and invoicing? Integrate with your vendors and let the system generate purchase orders and receive invoices from suppliers.

Remember, the most critical piece of the inventory puzzle is consistency.  So get started with a POS that’s right for your business, and take control of your inventory!
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