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PointOS provides the back of house tools, server analytics, and order management features full-service restaurants need to turn tables faster and to function more efficiently.

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Dig deeper, easier, when seeing what the experts compare to increase profit margins

Server Analytics

Get enterprise level reports and data with analytics, see your best performers, track criteria such as as active up-sells, and identify at all times the best people to put on during you most critical shifts.


Real time reporting on the cloud anytime anywhere. Set up multiple auto reports and have them emailed or sent via text message. Even send a text to the platform to get specific data.


Multiple features have been added to seamlessly satisfy your employees and customers when processing orders.

Multi-server modes 

Program an unlimited amount of wait staff, have multiple locations? Simply mange and move employees as needed. Handle all level of restaurant operations. Serve your way with customizable options.

New easy modifications and order/split-check functions

Manage orders and check using fast but thoughtful modifier actions such as quickly telling the team “light Mayo” or easily sharing out that nacho plate between 3 guests

PointOS-Open Entry Search
PointOS labor dashboard


Delegate operational control when using our restaurant operations management system for the BOH.

Employee Management & Scheduling

Create, post and update in real time anywhere anytime. Sharing is easy so all your employees always have access and receive notifications. Let your servers handle their shift coverage with a unique messaging system if they need a day off.

Inventory & Recipe Setup

Don’t miss a drop. Your customers expect the best quality food. The trouble is those items that make up your food are costly and put a heavy weight on food costs. Let PointOS help you count all the ingredients and you can decide what’s the best price for that grass fed organic chicken with a home made pretzel bun burger costs.

Inventory re-order

Stay up to date on purchasing needs, streamline your inventory with our unique api. Never hassle over inventory. Need special items? You can order on demand with PointOS