Expanding your business with private parties

By 2.7 min readPublished On: March 7, 2018

Looking for new ways to fill your space in it’s down time? Private events will help keep your business relevant. This can help support your business during seasonal lows and open new opportunities to generate extra revenue.
We’re here to help you get started with some ideas and tips below.
Kill two birds with one stone
The more features your venue hosts, the more money in your pocket. You can create a one stop shop by offering staff, food and booze taking the hassle of planning off your clients hands.   The more you can provide the easier for your client. Maybe you also have in-house security? A stage for live music? All these are added benefits customers look for when booking there exclusive event.
Have all your ducks in a row
There are a number of things clients look for when booking private events. A unique vibe and location are key, but so is creating a smooth, easy guest experience. Utilize your resources and you can offer other services from your contacts like live music.
History repeats itself
Costing for your events can be easier then you think. Especially when you already utilize a POS (point of sale system) which can generate costing reports for you. Analyze the reports for labor, food costs, floor costs, & production costs. Don’t forget to look at what it costs just to open your doors with other utility costings as wells. With all of that create minimums based on time of year, time of day, day of week, and that’s a start. Obviously a Saturday event will cost more then lets say Monday.
The unpredictable
Lets be honest, there’s always issues— guests arriving early, timeline delays, etc. Just make sure you’re well prepared. Run through timelines and have a plan B. No crisis can’t be resolved. The guest experience is the most important and should always feel seamless. These positive experiences will bring new customers in, and new potential events.
Don’t discriminate
Be open minded when taking events. Hosting everything from corporate parties & conferences to after parties and concerts or even weddings all brings new customers in your door. Creating unique experiences for all these types of events will keep your business name on the tip of everyones tongue.
Last but not least
If you’re just starting out, marketing will be important to generating new leads. Make sure to use your existing channels by posting on social media and newsletter e-mails. Create catchy content that explains why your venue you should be chosen and maybe even host an event of your own to showcase what you can do.
Now get to it and bring out your inner party planner!
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