7 reasons your restaurant business should attend trade shows

By 2.7 min readPublished On: April 2, 2019

Running a business is not easy between managing your staff, and making sure the business is operating smoothly you definitely don’t get a lot of time to yourself. So the last thing you want to do is attend something outside of work, but you should. There are some exciting restaurant trade shows happening this year with the most notable being the National Restaurant Association Show , happening from May 18th-21st in Chicago. With over 65000 attendees and exhibitors registered to attend the NRA’s 2019 show is a top event for industry insiders.
Keeping up with trends and news within your industry is the best way to keep your business relevant in this competitive market. Tradeshows offer you the opportunity to grow your business, get re-inspired and network with new and existing connections. You will be on top of the latest technology, be the first to hear about new news and taste some delicious foods. Most of these trade shows are in food and hospitality hubs so you can get out and explore the city and take notes.
We’ve put together some reasons as to why you should be attending these trade shows.
1. Discover new technology
You can take your pick from the latest restaurant technologies from operational interfaces like PointOS to reservation management and payment processings. These tradeshows allow you to test out and experience the new products before buying.
2.Get detailed insights
Are you wanted to change your menu, make reservations or get a new point-of-sale system? Attending a tradeshow will help you answer any questions you had about what you’re looking for. Take advantage of having everything you need in one place.
3.Attend relevant seminars
These big tradeshows bring in some key players in your industry who can pass on some of there expert advice on tips and tricks of running successful businesses.
4.Find investors
Whether your looking for investments for your new concept or your already existing business you can take this time to network and connect with the right people.
5.Taste menus
What is better then good food?-nothing really. This is definitely one of our favorite parts of the tradeshows. You can get inspired from other client menus or try out pre-made deserts and appetizers that you want to put on offer at your venue.
6.Promote your business
The perfect place to publicize your restaurant amongst like minds. Sell your place and make it a destination for them to visit when they come to your city. Don’t be shy, you can gain a new following and maybe new business opportunities.
7.Stay on top of the trends
Staying with the times is a key player in your businesses success. You need to be able to keep up with your competitors. You will find out whats happening in your industry and when if you make it to the tradeshows so don’t miss out.
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