4 ways your ordering and checkout processing is improved with POS

By 3 min readPublished On: March 28, 2018

In the restaurant industry, good service can determine whether your business is a success.  Seamless ordering and checkout processes are both key experiences for the consumer.  When customers are disappointed from bad service it can be reflected in there reviews, recommendations and future visits to your establishment. The service your restaurant offers and the ability to execute it effectively is the main point they will take away with them.
Give your staff the tools to do their job with a point of sale system that handles ordering and checkout experiences smoothly. So here are some tips on how to do just that.
1. Living in the cloud
There are many benefits to switching to cloud based POS . It will allow for your business to run remotely from a tablet on the table or a mobile device in your waitstaffs hands. This means bringing quicker ordering and payment processing to your customers. Now guests don’t need to wave goodbye as there credit card walks around the corner to the terminal.
Save paper and send reciepts via e-mail or text. This also enables you to customize your message with your logo and a personalized message.
2. Integration is key
Improve the checkout experience from a payments point of view by using a payment processor that integrates with your current point of sale system (or the one you’re planning on switching to). When you use integrated payments, sales flow directly from your POS to your card reader — meaning checkout is both faster and more secure. These two attributes are huge benefits to your customers, and they can even help you build a base of loyal, repeat clientele.
Integration also eliminates manual entries and allows access to your store data and accept payments all in one place, centralizing your operations and minimizing efficiencies that can cost you money. In other words, integrated payments are good for both you and your customers.
3. Split the bill please
With easy drag and drop menu items your POS makes it easy to split checks or move individual menu items across a number of guests. Do your customers want to split the check in half? No problem. Did you put something on a bill by mistake and the manager is too busy to take it off? Well drag it over and deal with it later. Your customers most likely don’t feel like waiting!
4. Turn payments into Loyalty
Gone are the days of asking your customers to handwrite there e-mail addresses or you manually typing them in. Customers can easily sign up at the end of there transaction. This is great for marketing as it increases your e-mail lists, and will sync all their past buying history so you can market to them appropriately. Get personal and send them deals that matter.
There are several ways to increase efficiency of processing orders and checkout at your restaurant. Finding out what works for you is knowing your customer base, what matters to them and bettering their experiences. So whether its having a POS at a table or using a smart phone app don’t be afraid to experiment with what new technology has to offer to smooth the operation.
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